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Military Intelligence


      Here are some links related to intelligence sources around the world.

                U.S. and World Census Clocks (real time)       Disturbing Images from Al Jazeera         USS Enterprise

      Space Station Photos of Earth - Locations 

      GeoStrategy.com      Maps - CIA Factsbook      National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

      COUNTRIES - Information related to specific nations

      Remember: Pragmatism is what is and must be done, not what you would like or want to do.  Reality is an ever changing place somewhere between international friends

      enemies of the moment.

       Israel bids for US Vulcan Phalanx anti-Qassam missile - Iron Dome Fails

       Secret U.S. unit trains commandos in Pakistan

       Mercenaries at Work - Outsourcing Intelligence Gathering

       New Chinese Nuclear Sub Base - Sanya Naval Base - Hainan Island 

       French President Admits 600 Nuclear Warheads 

       U.S. Army Basic Organization

       U.S, to Recruit Foreigners

       Condoleezza Rice Presidency

       Policy: Project for the New American Century

       Battlefield packets of Powdered Blood       Small Flying Bombs - Unstoppable  

       Do It Yourself Cruise Missile   The X-Jet - Pulsejet Engine

       Surge in Taliban Activity in Southern Afghanistan - 05/03/06

       Zarqawi in Syria April 25, 2006

       China Nuclear Build-up

       WMD's found in Iraq     125 Nukes per Year - Bush

       Kosovo (KFOR-UN)  Air Force One

       China's New Nuclear Missile Sub     SAA Pistols -U.S. Firearms Mfg. Co. Inc.

       Nick Berg murder (video) and other Images from Al Jazeera and 9/11.- CAUTION!

       Index of Satellite Imagery    China    Mark Thatcher - Coup Attempt

       Satellite Images of Persian Gulf & Other areas

       National Security Archives - Briefing Books    News Media Sources

       Countries    Electronic Dictionaries & Translators     Special Places    

       WRMEA - Middle East News(pro-Muslim)     Venik's Technology Site

       Historical Palestinian Geography Presentation (pro-Muslim)    Mid-East News Sources

       Combat Food Patches     Serbian BIA(Secret Police) new!   Taliban

       MEMRI - Middle East Media Research Institute    Pro-Muslim Cultural Links

       Israeli Submarine Force     Bedouin Pathfinders in IDF

       U.S. Intelligence Community     Satellite Photos of the Middle East

       Syria    Persian Gulf/Iran Satellite Images    SAS in Afghanistan '02

       Kurds - Kurdestan    The Other Side (anti-celebrities)    North Korea

       Baghdad Region Map   Map of Djibouti   Tikrit, Iraq-Map

       Iran Map    Qatar Map    Jordan     Photos of Aqaba  

       Preparing for the Attack on Iraq - Turkey & Jordan   Incirlik

       U.S. Forces Command Disposition Persian Gulf

       British Intelligence Summary of Iraqi Weapons Programs 1971-1998

       Yongbyon Nuclear facility in North Korea (Includes a virtual tour)

       Imagery of Al Udeid Air Base - Qatar   Iraq Military Summary

       Iraq and Ricin   The destruction of the al-Atheer Nuclear Facility

       Iran's Nuclear Program   Tehran Map   Kurds   U.S. Chemical/Biological Suit

     The Smallpox Scenario   Terrorist Groups - Leader Profiles - FBI Most Wanted

     Al Qaeda Web Site (Arabic)   Al Qaeda & Ricin

       High Tech Weapons and Equipment 11/30/2002

     11/25/2002 Debka files Al Qaeda Updates

     African Port May Become U.S. Base    Guantanamo Detention Center Info

     Ben Laden 11/12/2002   Djibouti new U.S. Base

     Nuclear Powers and Status (CNN Interactive)

     North Korea Underground Nuclear Facility - Kumchang-Ri Photo

     Intelligence/Counterintelligence    Interactive Articles on Afghanistan War

     Current Iraq Related Info - Weather, Troop Dispositions - Satellite Images

     Middle East Order of Battle/Assets/Weapons    Night Satellite Photo Mid-East

     Saddam Hussein's Iraq -updated (2/23/00)

     Iraq Maps  Kuwait and Southern Iraq Airfields  

     U.S. Build-up around Iraq Continues

     Iraqi Special Weapons Facilities - Maps & Photos - Targets

     Iraqi Nuclear Program ?   Interview:Wafiq al-Samarrai    

     Iraq Ballistic Missile Sites   Missile Capabilities

     Saddam Husseins's Resort City 1999  Baghdad - Al Salam Palace

     Abu Ghurayb, Iraq - Presidential Compound 11/99

     Bin Laden's War on America

     Poor Men's Nuclear War - Bioterrorism

     Iraq - Tharthar VIP Residence 1993

     5/25/02 Navy Admits Chemical Biological Tests 1960s

     Lourdes Cuba & Cam Rahn Bay VN to Close

     Pentagon Plans 2001   Kwajalein Missile Range (Satellite Pics)

     Terrorist Groups

     SAS Afghanistan Article - 400 SAS total (Resist Expansion)

     British SA80-A2 - Defective Rifle

     Philippine Military Site

     Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility

Johnston Atoll   Detail

Intelligence Online

CIA Maps   Afghanistan Map   Yemen   Qatar

Quick Maps

More Maps

Africa Intelligence

Inside the KGB (interview)(CNN)

Espionage Book Report (CNN)

CNN Espionage Special Reports

Intelligence Resource Program

World Mapping Resources

Maps of the Former Soviet Republics

Russian Space Launch Facilities (Baikonur sat. image)

Central Asia - Aral Sea

Maps of CIS States

Arrests of Terrorists 10/24/2001

Simple Maps of the World (CIA-260 Countries)

World Maps dot com

Maps and Geographical Information Systems

Dept. of Defense News (Many Agencies)

Satellite Imagery Capabilities

New Energy Web Sites

Libyan Tarhunah Chemical Weapons Plant

Shifa Plant, Sudan - Satellite Image

Dugway Proving Grounds

CIA World Factbook - Iraq

Afghanistan Articles 1973-1990

Afghanistan - Soldiers of God - Charles Dunbar

Osama Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin

Carlos - the Jackal -  Ilich Ramirez Sanchez

CNN - Ben Laden (Many Linked Articles)

Frontline - Hunting Ben Laden

Ben Laden's Support Camp - Afganistan

Terrorist Camps in Afganistan (Photos)

Twin Towers Before and After Photos  Satellite

Uzbekistan Radio Free Europe Uzbekistan

Chechnya  Terek River, Chechen Republic, Aerial view

A KH-4A image of Dolon airfield, now the  Republic of Kazakhstan

KH-11 photo Nikolaiev  444 shipyard in the Black Sea

Fort Detrick, Maryland (source of Iraq's Anthrax cultures)

Small Pox Background Info

Russian Ministry of Defense - (in Russian)

U.S. Intelligence Community

Nuclear Strength of India Pakistan 5/2002


ASIO - AustralianSecurity Intelligence Organisation

Bay of Pigs 1961

Cuban Missile Crisis - Jupiter Missiles in Turkey

Russian Documents - Cuban Missile Crisis

U-2 Dragon Lady    U-2 and the Meteor PR19 Spy Planes

Kursk Salvage  More

Deep Black - Space Espionage

Freedom of Information Act Document Search

44 Declassified Documents - National Security Archive

Lessons Learned from U.S. Humanitarian Invervetions Abroad (Sudan - Afghanistan)

Arms race gains speed

China denounces arms sales to Taiwan

China's Arms Sales

Chinese Missiles Could Hit US Forces

CNN.com - Clinton defers sale of high-tech destroyers to Taiwan - April 17, 2000

CNS - China's Missile Exports and Assistance to Pakistan

Code of Conduct On Arms Sales

Foreign Policy In Focus: Controlling U.S. Arms Sales

Iran/Contra, Independent Counsel, Summary of Report

Israel-Croatia ties open way for arms sale -paper

RAYMOND BONNER, "Murky Life of an International Gun Dealer," New York Time, July 14, 1998


US Furious At Israel For Big Hi-Tech Arms Sale To China


Arms Trade Study Groups/Think Tanks:

Amnesty International USA Campaign - Arms Sales

Arms Sale Monitor - Analyses and reports on US Arms manufacturing and sales trends.

Arms Transfer Working Group - The Arms Transfers Working Group (ATWG) is an alliance of primarily Washington, DC-based national arms control, disarmament, development, economic conversion, human rights and religious organizations concerned about the spread of conventional weaponry around the world.

Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Defense Trade News

Federation of American Scientists: Arms Sale Monitoring Project - - reports and analyzes U.S. government policies on conventional arms exports and weapons proliferation.

International Atomic Energy Agency

Military and Arms Transfer News

Monterey Institute of International Studies

Nuclear Proliferation News

U.S. Arms Control & Disarmament Agency

ASIO is Australia's equivalent of the CIA, these are the guy's who are keeping an eye out for the terrorists and baddies of the world and are trying to keep them out of Australia. [unofficial]

Defence Signals Directorate - Information Security Branch

DSD is committed to the Defence mission "to promote the security of Australia and to protect its people and its interests."


CSIS- Canadian Security Intelligence Service

The people of CSIS are dedicated to the protection of Canada's national security interests and the safety of Canadians.


Suojelupoliisi - Security Police

Central function areas of the Finnish Security Police is a) to avert espionage and illegal reconnaissance activities against Finland, b) to avert activities which might endanger interior security of Finland and international relations, c) to act against terrorism, d) security guarding and e) preventive work for security. The Finnish Security Police has three operational units, which are divided by their purpose into 1) the Unit of Counter-Espionage, 2) the Security Unit, and 3) the Unit of Development and Supportive Activities.


GCHQ- Government Communications Headquarters

GCHQ plays a vital role in protecting the security of the nation's official and military communications and advising government and industry on communications and computer security. In addition GCHQ studies a wide range of telecommunications and other electronic signals to provide Britain with crucial defence and foreign intelligence.

M15 Security Service

M15 was set up to counter espionage against British organisations by foreign powers. In recent years its remit has widened to include counter-terrorism, subversion and organised crime. [unofficial]

M16 Security Service

The role of M16 is to obtain and provide information relating to the actions or intentions of persons outside the British Islands, and to perform other tasks relating to the actions or intentions of such persons. [unofficial]

NCIS- The National Criminal Intelligence Service

Britain's National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) was launched in April 1992 to provide leadership and excellence in criminal intelligence.

United States

CIA -Central Intelligence Agency

CIAproduces intelligence for the President, the Congress and other leaders of the U.S. CIAwas created in 1947 with the signing of the NationalSecurity Act by President Truman.

CIAPublications - World factbook, factbook on intelligence, maps and publications...

CIO- The Central Imagery Office

The mission of CIO is to ensure responsive imagery support to the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, and other US Government departments and agencies. As a Combat Support Agency, CIO is also responsible for ensuring timely imagery support to military operations during peace, crisis, and war

DIA- Defence Intelligence Agency

The DIA's mission is to provide timely, objective and cogent military intelligenceto the warfighters and to the decisionmakers and policymakers of the U.S. Department of Defence and the U.S. Government.

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

The mission of the FBI is to uphold the law, to protect the U.S. from foreign intelligence and terrorist activities and to provide leadership and law enforcement assistance to federal, state, local, and international agencies.

FBIPublications - Periodicals, uniform crime reports.

Headquarters Air Intelligence Agency

AIA's mission is to exploit and defend the information domain. AIA delivers flexible collection, tailored air and space intelligence, weapons monitoring, and information warfare products and services.

NIMA - National Imagery and Mapping Agency

NIMA provides timely, relevant, and accurate imagery, imagery intelligence, and geospatial information in support of national security objectives.

NSA - National Security Agency

The NSA is responsible for the centralized coordination, direction, and performance of highly specialized technical functions in support of U.S. Government activities to protect U.S. communications and produce foreign intelligence information.

Information Systems Security Organization - The NSA INFOSEC-mission provides leadership, products, and services to protect classified and unclassified national security systems against exploitation due to interception, unauthorized access, or related technical intelligence threats.

U.S. Secret Service

The Secret Service protects the life of the President of the U.S. and other leaders and their immediate families, some official representatives,the White House and so on


Intelligence and Espionage Related Web Sites


United States:

Central Intelligence Agency

The CIA'S Web site offers agency history and general information, FAQs, links, and an exhibit center featuring espionage-related gadgets. There is also a page for prospective job applicants that unabashedly trades on the "intrigue" of espionage; here you can find job postings for everything from "Clandestine Services trainee" to "Leather and Fabric Craft Specialist." There is also a somewhat disappointing "Virtual Picture Tour."

The site was hacked in 1996, which explains the stern warning on the home page.

CIA's Home Page for Kids

The CIA hopes to project a friendly image to children through its special Web site for kids. These pages offer more simplified information and items of special appeal to children, such as the page about the CIA canine corps.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI's recently redesigned home page offers the expected history and general information, as well as career information and the ever-popular "10 Most Wanted" fugitives list. The site also offers declassified documents regarding the Rosenberg case and other counterintelligence tidbits, though most of the site is dedicated to the FBI's role as a domestic crime-fighting organization. Like the CIA, the FBI is reaching out to children with a "Kids and Youth Educational Page."

National Security Agency

The National Security Agency has a more Spartan site than their friends at the CIA and FBI, but it offers some interesting content. Highlights include a sampling of exhibits from the National Cryptological Museum, a collection of images and documents related to the Venona project, and a collection of material related to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Defense Intelligence Agency

The Department of Defense's military intelligence agency offers a bare-bones site with general information, an employment guide, and not much more.

National Reconnaissance Office

The NRO designs, builds and operates the nation's reconnaissance satellites. Its Web site includes news about current satellite programs, archival documents and imagery from Corona, the nation's first photo reconnaissance satellite system.


A child of the National Security Council, the National Counterintelligence Center (NACIC) coordinates the U.S. government's counterintelligence efforts. The Web site is chiefly a collection of links to official documents (annual reports to Congress, etc.), but it also offers advice to business travelers about economic espionage overseas and tips to businesses on protecting information through computer network firewalls.



The Web site for the United Kingdom's MI5 Security Service, dedicated to rooting out "threats from overseas and ... preventing and detecting serious crime." The site is a general information and public relations clearinghouse. A page offering career information encourages you to apply if you are of "the highest integrity, resilient, and sensitive to others."

Bundesamt fuer Verfassungsschutz (BfV)

The Web site of the German BfV counterintelligence service. In German.


The Cold War (very brief)

National Security Archive

The National Security Archive is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1985 to provide a centralized home for formerly secret U.S. government documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Some of this material is available on the archive's Web site, including declassified CIA reports and decrypted Venona files.

Cold War International History Project

CWIHP seeks to disseminate new information on Cold War history emerging from previously inaccessible sources in the former communist bloc. Many formerly secret documents are available on CWIHP's Web site, including the KGB's 1967 annual report and analyses of Eastern-bloc espionage.

Jane's IntelWeb

From the publishers of Jane's Defence Weekly, this Web site provides "a daily monitor of worldwide terrorist movements and developments in the global intelligence community." Subscription-based.

Intelligence Resource Program (from the Federation of American Scientists)

One of the most comprehensive, informative sites on the Web. Offers information on all major intelligence agencies, news reports and analysis, a gallery of imagery intelligence (U-2 reconnaissance photos, satellite images, etc.), and much more.

Privacy International

PI was formed in 1990 as a watchdog on surveillance by governments and corporations; the site is administered by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in Washington. The site provides news, resources and an Internet home for the Big Brother Awards, given to the companies, government agencies and individuals "that have most directly undercut privacy."

Strategic Intelligence

A collection of links from Loyola College

Military Intelligence

A collection of links from Loyola College


Spy & Counterspy

Some people would call this site paranoid. The publishers would have you believe that you should be paranoid, if you live in the United States. Offers "a practical course in freedom skills -- including countersurveillance, antisurveillance, and underground urban activism." The adversary is supposed to be the "the government's secret agencies and goon squads."

The Spy Cafe

Hosted by members of an international private investigation agency known as "Globalscan Investigations," which purportedly works for Fortune 500 companies and employs former CIA and KGB agents, this site provides an online newsletter with updates on everything from "Spies in the Moscow Nightlife" to The Kentucky Professional Investigators Association. "Designed in a sort of humerous fasion [sic]."

Virtual World of Intelligence

A miscellany of links, many to espionage-related sites, others to fringe material on Area 51, UFOs and the like.


CIA-quality technology online

Espionage and countersurveillance technology is available online from a number of vendors. Buyer beware: Some of the products may be illegal where you live.

Spy Zone


Spy Guys

U-Spy Store

London Spy Shop

Espionage Unlimited Catalog

Spy Company

Privacy Electronics



Bulgarian secret police used a KGB-designed poison-pellet umbrella gun to kill dissident emigre Georgi Markov in 1978. KGB assassin Boris Stashinsky used a poison gas gun to kill exiled Ukrainian nationalist leaders Lev Rebet and Stepan Bandera in the late 1950s. Another KGB assassin, Nikolay Khokhlov, was poisoned by radioactive thallium in 1957 after refusing an assignment and defecting to the West.

Honey Traps & Swallows

Honey traps were widely used during the Cold War, particularly in the Eastern bloc. The KGB once tried to blackmail the British ambassador to Moscow with photographs of him having sex with a Russian maid. And it was a honey trap that ensnared Marine Corporal Clayton Lonetree, a U.S. embassy guard in Moscow, in the 1980s.

Swallows were often used by the KGB to snare foreign officials in honey traps. The first CIA station chief in Moscow was reportedly seduced by his maid, a swallow for the KGB's predecessor, the MGB. He was sent home in disgrace.

Names of Agencies

The BND was the West German equivalent of the CIA. The Cheka and NKVD were predecessors of the KGB, the chief Soviet intelligence agency. Other Soviet security and intelligence agencies included the MGB, SMERSH, and the GRU (Soviet military intelligence).

A Burn

A "burn" was a technique used when an agent's cover was already blown anyway. The "burned" spy could be exposed in a way that would provide credibility to another agent. CIA officials believed the KGB deliberately sacrificed or "burned" its spies George Blake and Harry Houghton to protect more important agents.

Black Operations

The CIA drugged prostitutes as part of MKULTRA, a top-secret drug-and-mind control research project, and it spent $750,000 on psychic research from 1972 to 1977. And the CIA's Hughes Glomar Explorer successfully salvaged parts of a Soviet sub in 1974. But the CIA did NOT arrange Allende's assassination. While it encouraged plots against Allende, its agents were not directly involved in the coup or in Allende's death.

Espionage Related Equipment


This array of weapons was surrendered by KGB Capt. Nikolai Evgeyvich Khokhlov. The seemingly benign cigarette cases fired poisoned lead pellets, while the miniature and silenced handguns could handle a variety of ammunition.

After converting to Christianity, Khokhlov quit as an assassin, and surrendered to West German authorities in 1954. He survived an attempt on his own life in 1957

Silenced firearms

Silencers work by suppressing the gases that leave a gun barrel when it is fired. Special ammunition used with silencers travels slower than the speed of sound, avoiding the sonic boom caused by ordinary bullets.

Silenced firearms are not entirely silent -- they do not muffle the mechanical sounds of a gun's moving parts -- but they do reduce the sound to a level that is not noticeable in a crowd or from far away. The silencer also hides the bright muzzle flash that usually appears when a gun is fired.

The miniature gun pictured was in the possession of KGB assassin Nikolai Khokhlov, who opted to defect to West Germany in 1954 rather than kill Georgi Okolovich, an anti-communist emigre in Frankfurt. The gun -- one of two issued to Khokhlov -- could fire poisoned bullets to make sure of a kill. The collapsible barrel had a built-in silencer, and the gun when fired made "a sound less than the snap of a finger," according to press accounts at the time.

Because of the slower bullet speed, guns with silencers are most effective at close range.

Cigarette case weapon

Cigarette case weapon

A cigarette case provided an excellent cover for this weapon, surrendered by KGB assassin Nikolai Khokhlov when he defected to West Germany in 1954. The device fired hollow-point bullets filled with poison through the false cigarettes at the opening of the case.

Khokhlov, sent to assassinate anti-Soviet emigre Georgi Sergeyvich Okolovich, defected rather than carry out his mission. Also in his possession were two miniature silenced pistols.

Keychain guns

Designed to fire gas cylinders, these tiny Bulgarian-made weapons can also fire .32 caliber bullets. Once the arming ring is locked, the buttons on top of the device can fire one round from each of its two barrels.

At just one inch wide and three inches long, they are easily concealable and will not set off most airport metal detectors.

Because of their small size and short barrel, the devices have a great deal of recoil, are extremely loud and are not very accurate. They are described by some experts as a "last resort" weapon.

Since the end of the Cold War, these weapons have become readily available in southern Europe for as little as $20, Interpol officials say. The FAA issued a warning in May for airports to be on the lookout for the "keychain guns."Keychain gun

Suicide weaponsvial of poison

Throughout the Cold War, interrogation techniques reached ever-increasing heights of psychological, physiological and pharmaceutical sophistication. Despite the Hollywood fantasy of a heroic agent stoically refusing to answer questions under torture, it quickly became clear that no one could long withstand a technically skilled and ruthless interrogator.

Spies operating behind enemy lines might be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice and kill themselves to avoid giving up vital information or compromising the safety of fellow agents.

Suicide weapons, easily concealable and quickly lethal, were developed as a last resort should capture become inevitable. Fast-acting poisons that killed within seconds could be delivered in the form of a capsule, a glass ampule full of liquid poison, or a poison-tipped pin.

Suicide weapons are a less-than-perfect defense and are only as effective as the resolve of the operative; at the show trial of downed U.S. pilot Francis Gary Powers, his poison pin was on display, debunking the U.S. claim that his was a weather flight.

Hidden knives

As anyone who carries a pocket knife can attest, a sharp knife is often a useful thing to have. This is certainly true for people in the shadowy world of espionage.

Tiny knives, with blades less than an inch long, are primarily intended as escape tools, to cut bonds or loosen doors or windows. But they can also be used as a weapon in extremely close quarters, used to threaten the eyes or throat of a hostage.

The classic thumb knife, a tiny blade that can be hidden in a shoe heel, has been in use for decades; the more sophisticated version shown here is a coin with a hinged blade that could pass undetected in a pocketful of change.

Poison-pellet weapons

Poison pellet pen

Designed by the KGB, the poison-pellet umbrella was used in the assassination of Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov in London. A jab with an umbrella at a bus stop -- easily dismissed as a meaningless accident -- delivered a pellet of ricin, a poison derived from castor-oil seeds. Markov was dead soon after.

Ricin is an extremely toxic poison; Scotland Yard estimated that only 425 micrograms of the poison killed Markov. It is also extremely difficult to detect in the bloodstream. Markov's assassination was detected only because the pellet carrying the ricin had not dissolved as expected.

The KGB also designed a pen-sized assassination weapon to deliver ricin pellets, one of a family of poison assassination pens that delivered gas or liquid poisons.

Image from "The Ultimate Spy Book" by H.Keith Melton. 1996 DK Publishing.

The 'Stinger'

StingerImage from "The Ultimate Spy Book" by H.Keith Melton. 1996 DK Publishing.

The Stinger was the Western equivalent of the KGB single-shot pistol. A reloadable .22 caliber weapon, it came with a spare barrel strapped to the back with a plastic sheath. It was issued with seven rounds of ammunition and concealed in a lead-foil tube similar to ones used for a variety of consumer products.

Single-shot pistol

single-shot pistol

Image from "The Ultimate Spy Book" by H.Keith Melton. 1996 DK Publishing.

This 4.5mm single-shot pistol, designed by the KGB, is surrounded by a rubber case. This allows it to be hidden in bodily orifices, making it easy to smuggle past all but the most dedicated search.

The device would be fired by twisting the knurled ring at the muzzle end a quarter turn. The small size of the weapon limited its range.

Similar KGB guns found by Western intelligence were disguised as lipstick or a pocket flashlight.

Assassination gun

This silenced weapon was designed to be folded in a newspaper and fired from that concealment. The effect of its silencer is heightened by the fact that it is designed to be fired while pressed against the victim's body.

The KGB built both conventional and gas-firing versions of this weapon, which is similar to concealed and silenced weapons built during World War II.

assassination gun

Image from "The Ultimate Spy Book" by H.Keith Melton. 1996 D.K. Publishing.

Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife

Designed by two British officers based on their experience in close-quarters combat with the Shanghai police, the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife was a standard commando weapon in World War II and throughout the postwar years.

Originally deployed in 1941, the knife was designed to allow a trained commando to strike accurately at a target's vital organs. It remained in use, with various revisions, into the 1990s.

Fairbairn-Sykes knifeImage from "The Ultimate Spy Book" by H.Keith Melton. 1996 DK Publishing.

Cold War Personalities and Vocabulary


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